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Elementary Family Literacy 

Focuses on the literacy needs of the 64% of young school-age children that are reading below grade level. It is an online learning solution, which corporations can use as an employee benefit to increase employee retention or as a marketing tool to increase customer loyalty. Because family plans never expire, children and their parents can continue to use without anyone having to pay yearly subscription fees.

  • Puts students in charge of their own learning, motivating them, helping them learn to make decisions and building independence.
  • to work in teams which accelerates learning, builds team problem solving skills, builds communications skills and makes learning more fun!
  • Covers every reading and writing skil necessary for proficiency, ensuring that adults fill in their skill gaps and achieve the highest literacy level possible

Family Literacy and Corporations

Corporate Benefit Plans

All parents want to help improve the lives of their children. Doing so is particularly important today when schools may not be able to meet face-to-face and parents have the responsibility to supervise learning at home.

The solution is family learning software. The programs give parents (along with grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings and family friends) a clear role in the learning process, along with videos to help them carry out that role. When parents pay attention to something, children realize that it is important, and they also pay attention. The result is far greater learning (see research on the impact of family learning).

As the adults help their children read and write using the program designed for children, the workers themselves may improve their reading and writing skills. Then, they discover that the Family Learning software contains an adult literacy program for them, which they start to use. Of course, their older children can help their parents acquire new literacy skills in the adult program.

That’s the power of family learning: adults and children helping each other progress through literacy skills mastery. Workers will have more positive feelings about an employer who provides this benefit, resulting in lower turnover along with the higher productivity that derives from improved reading and writing skills.

Corporate Sponsorship of Literacy Programs

Literacy is the number one issue on the minds of parents and educators in the United States. In order to help companies solve the literacy gap, the Family Learning Company is collaborating with Bethune Family Learning to create sponsored Bethune Family Learning tablets for distribution through non-profit channels. Tablets are distributed either directly by the corporation to sponsored non-profits or by a sponsored celebrity at celebrity entertainment events. The result: families use their corporate branded tablets for years to build their literacy skills and improve their family fortunes.


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