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Corporate Benefit and Philanthropic Solutions

Family Literacy Online: 
Motivates parents and their children to master their reading and writing skills by providing a parallel experience for children ages 5-10 learning alongside their parents or relatives. Depending on their relationship, parents can learn by helping their children, learn from their children who help them, or compete with their children to see who can master the most skills. Offering the same learner control, teamwork and formative feedback as our adult programs, along with a complete Spanish language program for young immigrants transitioning into English, Family Literacy Online provides a perfect employee benefit.

Family Literacy Tablets:
Provides all 8,000 Family Literacy learning activities pre-loaded on 10” iPad clone Android tablets. The tablets have high quality speakers and are big enough that two or three family members can work together using a single tablet. Tablets are ideal for situations in which families do not have adequate bandwidth at home to use online solutions. In addition, children can take them to after-school programs to work together with their classmates. Parents with long commutes can use the tablets to work on literacy skills on the bus or the train. The tablets automatically (in the background) upload record-keeping data whenever the tablet does have high-speed Internet access, providing the organizations that provide the tablets with information about tablet use and family member progress.

Bethune Family Literacy Tablets:
Bethune Family Literacy Tablets are sponsored versions of Family Literacy Tablets for distribution through non-profits. They include all 8,000 Family Literacy learning activities on 10” iPad clone Android tablets. The software provides a complete reading and writing solution that can be used anywhere and anytime. It provides an opportunity for family members to work in teams which accelerates learning, builds team problem-solving skills, builds communication skills and make learning more fun! It supports Spanish heritage learners by providing an opportunity to master their literacy skills in their first language and then transfer them to English. Tablets are branded to credit corporate sponsors by printing a corporate logo or other image on the tablet keyboard/cover.

Family Literacy and Corporations

Corporate Benefit Plans

2/3 of jobs in America require a reading level of 8th grade or above, yet 2/3 of high school graduates read below the 8th-grade level. Do the math: one-third of employees cannot read well enough to do their jobs and many others struggle to write clearly. The results of this functional illiteracy epidemic include reduced productivity and workplace accidents.

Increasing literacy among their line workers can benefit corporations in many ways. Increased literacy levels will result in increased productivity because workers will learn the elements of their jobs faster and more easily. Increased literacy levels will result in increased productivity and better safety records, because of fewer worker mistakes and misunderstandings. Customer-facing employees will be more likely to use words and approaches that increase customer satisfaction.

But, there is a stigma associated with illiteracy that will make it unlikely that functionally illiterate workers will ask for (or publicly accept) help. That’s where family literacy comes in. All parents want to help improve the lives of their children. When corporations offer their employees Family Literacy tablets to use at home with their children, they are gratefully accepted. As the adults help their children read and write using a program designed for children, the workers themselves will improve their reading and writing skills. Then, they discover that the Family Literacy tablets contain a literacy program for them, which they start to use. Of course, their older children can help their parents acquire new literacy skills in the adult program.

That’s the power of family learning: adults and children helping each other progress through literacy skills mastery. Workers will have more positive feelings about an employer who provides this benefit, resulting in lower turnover along with the higher productivity that derives from improved reading and writing skills.

Corporate Sponsorship of Literacy Programs

Literacy is the number one issue on the minds of parents and educators in the United States. In order to help companies solve the literacy gap, the Family Learning Company is collaborating with Bethune Family Learning to create sponsored Bethune Family Learning tablets for distribution through non-profit channels. Tablets are distributed either directly by the corporation to sponsored non-profits or by a sponsored celebrity at celebrity entertainment events. The result: families use their corporate branded tablets for years to build their literacy skills and improve their family fortunes


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