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The Family Learning Blog provides posts on all aspects of family learning, generally, and family learning software, specifically. There are posts on the high levels of functional illiteracy along adults in the U.S. There are posts on the Science of Reading, including phonemic awareness, phonics, and reading comprehension. There are posts on the difference between parent engagement and family engagement. There are posts on how multi-generational learning can improve reading. There are posts on how online reading can improve adult literacy. There are posts on the extensive research basis for family learning. There are posts on how family learning and family engagement can be especially valuable for English Language Learners.

10 Essential Tips for ESL Learners to Learn English More Effectively February 17, 2024 by Peter Dublin - Today, with the availability of family literacy software, it has become easier than ever for children and adults alike to learn and improve their English. By embracing immersive experiences, consistent practice, phonics development, multi-generational engagement, and online resources, ESL learners can significantly enhance their English language proficiency effectively and progressively. Read More
How Family Learning Can Benefit The Community As A Whole January 16, 2024 by Peter Dublin - Family learning initiatives hold immense potential to positively impact entire communities, transcending individual benefits to create widespread improvements in literacy, education, and social cohesion. Read More
Breaking Down The Role Family Literacy Plays In Adult Learning Experiences January 9, 2024 by Peter Dublin - Family literacy is a pivotal factor in supporting adult learning, particularly in addressing challenges related to adult literacy. It involves collaborative efforts within families to enhance literacy skills across generations, ensuring a supportive learning environment conducive to continuous learning. Read More
How to Teach Your Child Vocabulary: 3 Simple and Effective Tips January 2, 2024 by Peter Dublin - In a recent survey of secondary schools, it was found that many students were graduating from primary school with a vocabulary that was incredibly poor for their age. It also revealed that limited vocabulary affected the learning capabilities of 4 out of 10 students. Read More
Understanding Intergenerational Family Learning and Its Benefits December 26, 2023 by Peter Dublin - Family learning encourages intergenerational learning, providing an array of opportunities for the entire unit, including children, parents, and grandparents. It engages families as a collective to learn together in order to raise skills across generations. These programmes take place in conjunction with schools or other communities such as non-profit organizations. Read More
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