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The Family Learning Company

Jon Bower

Jon has been CEO of Lexia Learning Systems and Soliloquy Learning in reading software, it’s learning US in technology platforms, Young Broadcasters of America in oral language training, Avant Assessment in language assessment and Formativity in teacher training. He has worked in Nigeria, China, England, New Zealand, Australia, Nepal and Malaysia. Jon holds a BA in Development Process from Stanford where he participated in the International Development Education program (SIDEC), and an MBA from Harvard. He and Peter have worked together on and off since 2005, and he is also Curriculum Director for EdVigor, Inc. performing teacher training in Nigeria. He has twice served as a member of the Board of Directors of Learning Disabilities Worldwide.

Peter Dublin, Ed.D.

Peter has taught kindergarten, junior and senior high school, and graduate school. He has been developing educational software for over thirty-five years, starting with the best-selling Bank Street Writer, which sold over 1,000,000 copies. Peter has authored more than twenty textbooks and hundreds of software titles, including fifteen apps in the Apple App Store. He is the designer of the Family Learning Company platform to deliver effective shared learning experiences. Dr. Dublin has consulted with the Ministries of Education in both Botswana and South Africa on curriculum and technology innovation.