How to Improve Reading Skills through Family Learning?

Family learning, driven by family engagement and innovative family literacy software, significantly boosts reading skills. Learning together as a family creates an environment fostering a deep appreciation for reading. Through Interactive Family Literacy software, diverse storytelling broadens children's reading experiences. These collaborative activities prompt discussions about different story elements, enhancing critical thinking and understanding. Additionally, parental involvement as reading role models greatly influences children's eagerness to learn. The fusion of family learning, parent engagement, and technology not only enhances reading skills but also sparks an enduring love for exploring the world through books. Ultimately, family learning cultivates a lifelong journey of enriched literacy.Parent Tips Videos included

Our customers include government agencies, corporations and non-profits.

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What People Say About Us

I spent ten minutes helping my Kindergarten son get started with Elementary Family Literacy. I checked in with him every-now-and-then, watching what he was doing and answering his questions. After an hour and half, he was still engaged and smiling at his progress. That's the most productive ten minutes I ever spent with him."

Max D
Arlington, MA

Best thing I have bought for my teachers in years. It did exactly what you said and was so easy to implement. My teachers loved it. My special ed kids absolutely went crazy with it.”

Robert C
Mid-Del, OK

Family Literacy Software is being used in the four core areas in middle schools and for targeted instruction in high schools. This summer we also plan to incorporate Family Literacy Software into our summer school remediation program. Students love playing the research-based vocabulary games, and it provides the teachers with a method for consistent and sustained review of both vocabulary words and formatives."

Lisa T
St. Mary Parish, LA

Why Family Learning Software?

According to published research, families who participate in family learning programs experience significant reductions in low academic achievement, teen parenting, joblessness and welfare dependency, going to prison, home and community violence, and more. Those benefits are real, but they have only been available to those who can consistently attend sessions at a center. Now, The Family Learning Company is excited to introduce family learning software to create the same benefits anywhere, anytime.

Family engagement in education requires direct parental (grandparent, aunt, uncle, adult friend, etc.) involvement in the learning process itself. For children to succeed at learning to read, write and think, parents need to provide motivational support for their kids to pay attention to instruction and direct involvement in the practice that children need to master their reading and writing skills. Most children simply do not have the self-motivation to stick with the task in the face of attractive alternatives like TV and video games. When parents get involved, children follow.

Parent participation in the use of family learning software is particularly important during the early childhood years. Not only do children see the importance that their parents place on learning to read and write, most four and five year-olds are simply not ready to manage interactive learning software on their own. While they may be able to watch a video or play a simple game, engaging in an interactive learning experience requires their parent’s (grandparent’s …) involvement through the software.

How our software is different

  • Learner Control: In our software, the computer never tells the learner what to do; the learner tells the computer.

  • Decision Making: These software products help children and adults learn to make the best decisions based on their progress. This kind of decision-making is the number one request by employers.

  • Family Learning: Shared learning brings families together. Family members talk about what they are learning and improve their speaking and listening skills—employers’ number two request.

Economic Benefits

  • Increased reading and writing skills among employees increases their productivity, making companies more profitable.

  • Increased reading and writing skills among employees reduces accidents and increases safety in the workplace generally, which is good for companies and their employees.

  • Helping employees children read and write better demonstrates and employer’s commitment to its employees’ families and increases employee retention.

Social Benefits

  • Research has demonstrated that increasing reading and writing skills among the incarcerated results in lower recidivism rates.

  • The cost of functional illiteracy to our health care systems has been estimated to be in the trillions of dollars each year.

  • The research linking poverty to literacy is clear; increasing reading and writing skills among the poor will reduce poverty.

  • Enabling learners to see feedback on their progress and decide what to learn next increases agency and decision-making.

Family Benefits

  • Family learning improves children’s reading vocabulary and comprehension, achievement in school, and social skills and self-esteem.

  • Family learning improves parents’ attitudes about education, reading achievement, social awareness and self-advocacy, and their employment status.

  • Three family members logging in at the same time helps families become emotionally closer, creates a more supportive home environment, and read more.

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Family Learning Software Features

  • Research-Based Best Practices

  • Age-Appropriate Activities with Real Books

  • Develops Decision-Making Skills

  • 11,900 Learning Activities

  • Combines fun with effective learning

  • Activities for Children & Adults

  • Available in English & Español

  • Parent Tips Videos Included

  • Shared Learning Builds Stronger Families

  • Perpetual License

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