Enrich Family Members’ Lives & Help Them Succeed


The Family Learning Company’s software products help children and adults do better in school and at work.


Children learn reading and writing. Also, they learn to make good decisions. They succeed in school and have a good future.


Adults learn reading and writing. They also learn to make good decisions and help their children make good decisions. These decision-making skills help everyone succeed.

Family Learning Software Features

  • Research-Based Best Practices

  • Age-Appropriate Activities with Real Books

  • Develops Decision-Making Skills

  • 4,000+ Learning Activities

  • Combines fun with effective learning

  • Activities for Children & Adults

  • Available in English & Español

  • Parent Advice Videos Included

  • Shared Learning Builds Stronger Families

  • Affordable Purchase Options

Pave the Way to Brighter Tomorrows

  • Our software products use the most effective methods, as proven by research.

  • These software products help children and adults learn to make the best decisions based on their progress. This kind of decision-making is the number one request by employers.

  • Shared learning brings families together. Family members talk about what they are learning and improve their speaking and listening skills—employers’ number two request.

Affordable Learning Products

  • Buy five-hour blocks of learning for only $4.95 each. Your purchases will never exceed $79.95. Many competitors charge $9.95 per month without a maximum

  • Or, you can purchase the entire product for $59.95 up front—a savings of $20. Many competitors charge $100 per child per year.

  • Up to six family members can learn to read and write for this very affordable amount.

Why Family Learning Software?

According to published research, families who participate in family learning programs experience significant reductions in low academic achievement, teen parenting, joblessness and welfare dependency, going to prison, home and community violence, and more. Those benefits are real, but they have only been available to those who can consistently attend sessions at a center. Now, The Family Learning Company is excited to introduce family learning software to create the same benefits anywhere, anytime.

Family engagement in education requires direct parental (grandparent, aunt, uncle, adult friend, etc.) involvement in the learning process itself. For children to succeed at learning to read, write and think, parents need to provide motivational support for their kids to pay attention to instruction and direct involvement in the practice that children need to master their reading and writing skills. Most children simply do not have the self-motivation to stick with the task in the face of attractive alternatives like TV and video games. When parents get involved, children follow.

Parent participation in the use of family learning software is particularly important during the early childhood years. Not only do children see the importance that their parents place on learning to read and write, most four and five year-olds are simply not ready to manage interactive learning software on their own. While they may be able to watch a video or play a simple game, engaging in an interactive learning experience requires their parent’s (grandparent’s …) involvement through the software.

Quality Time with Your Children is Priceless

  • When you login together, learning time becomes treasured family time. It’s a fun and effective way to bring the family together, learn, and grow.

  • Parent videos are included to guide you and offer ideas on how to make the most of the learning experience for everyone.

  • You’ll grow closer as a family and strengthen your relationships, while you share the gift of reading and writing.

Open Doors For Your Children with a Good Education

  • A good education makes many things possible. You can help your children live a better life by helping them be more successful in school, graduate from high school, and be well prepared for college.

  • A better life begins with becoming a better reader and writer.

Learn Successfully

  • Our products are fun to use while providing valuable educational benefits.

  • As family members succeed with these activities, they are more and more motivated to learn.

Adult Literacy is Included

  • Literacy isn't just for children. A complete adult module is included in each of our software products.

  • Using proven texts and instruction methods, the adult module provides a private, safe environment for adults to catch up, and to get ahead, in reading and writing.