I spent ten minutes helping my Kindergarten son get started with Elementary Family Literacy. I checked in with him every-now-and-then, watching what he was doing and answering his questions. After an hour and half, he was still engaged and smiling at his progress. That's the most productive ten minutes I ever spent with him."

Max D
Arlington, MA

Best thing I have bought for my teachers in years. It did exactly what you said and was so easy to implement. My teachers loved it. My special ed kids absolutely went crazy with it.”

Robert C
Mid-Del, OK

No names but here is what some kids from a school in Oklahoma City, OK had to say about the product. From the mouths of babes…
"It helps me remember my sight words."
"I like the word search."
"It tells us about the words we have on the wall."
"I like how it helps me spell the words out."
"It makes it fun to learn."
"It tells us what the words mean."

"Family Literacy Software is being used in the four core areas in middle schools and for targeted instruction in high schools. This summer we also plan to incorporate Family Literacy Software into our summer school remediation program. Students love playing the research-based vocabulary games, and it provides the teachers with a method for consistent and sustained review of both vocabulary words and formatives."

Lisa T
St. Mary Parish, LA

This is my daughter's 4th week receiving direct vocabulary instruction in class using Family Literacy Software as a supplement. My daughter has been scoring 100% on vocabulary tests which she reads herself. At RTI meeting, I said I did not believe that her daughter could read the words and the tests were false. My daughter was called in and read all the words on the tests. I started crying. I apologized to the teacher. I said it was the first time I ever believed my daughter could learn."

Rebecca H
Lawton, OK

I am the mother of three children, aged 11, 15, and 17. We have been working with the program for three months now, and this is one of their favorite parts of the day, working with the program, especially in writing. My youngest has shown improvement in her sentence structures, and has started using more complex sentences as well as improvement in spelling. She is the one that is most excited about getting onto the program, and her favorite thing is adding graphics to her stories. My eldest enjoys the writing prompts and the storytelling feature. My middle child liked that it didn’t seem like extra work.

This has been a great addition to our homeschool curriculum this semester, and I feel that it is easy to work with and navigate. As their partner in education, it is essential to see that their work is quality and not just busy work. This program helps to show that they are really working towards quality with the progress reports and the feedback it gives in the form of their color coded star system.

We will continue working with this program for the rest of the semester, and I cannot wait and see the growth I know will be happening, especially in their writing."

Shanna K
Brownsville, TX