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Learn and Read

Learning is fun. Just watch a young child learning to speak. It is one of the most difficult learning tasks they will ever have, but they love it. They work at it endlessly. They may get tired, but they never get bored and it’s always fun. But we want our children to learn and read, not just speak. And learning to read is difficult. It takes years.

First, children have to learn to make sounds, the forty-four sounds that are used in English. Then they need to see how letters represent sounds, and how those letters combine to make words. They have to learn how to decode words into their various sounds for meaning. Then, they have to combine words into sentences. They have to practice enough to be fluent readers. They have to learn to comprehend what they read. And they cannot afford to be stopped by a subscription that runs out.

Family Learning Company pricing is designed to meet the limitations of the families who use and benefit from its family learning software. First and foremost, we know that families with illiterate members are unlikely to prioritize, or have the money, to pay for a yearly subscription. In response, we don’t charge yearly fees. All Family Learning Company licenses are no-expiration. They can be used by up to six family members for as long as they wish.

Second, our no-expiration license fees are lower than the annual fees charged by most literacy software providers. We charge a one-time fee of $79 for over 5,000 activities for up to six family members, both children and adults, in English and Spanish.

Literacy is a lifechanging skill, and by purchasing no-expiration family plans families can afford to pay for a complete solution once and use it as long as they need. With literacy, they are ready for school, for