Solutions for Individuals

Reading Skills for Today’s Adults – Mobile Apps
Suggests that you work in teams – why? (1) Just like in the military, most of us sacrifice more for our buddies than we do for our own future, (2) we learn faster by helping each other, and (3) it’s more fun. We provide over 350 high interest life skills readings ranging from 1st grade level through 8th grade. You’ll actually be learning useful things while you learn to read. Finally, if Spanish is your first language, we provide instructions, help and phonics activities in Spanish as well as English to make it easier for you to learn English

Interactive GED Vocabulary— Mobile Apps
Preparing to take the GED Exam? Interactive GED Vocabulary— Mobile Apps helps you master thousands of high-use words through engaging learning activities (we won’t call them games, but, they are.) You choose the activities that work for you: definitions, spelling, pictures, sound, etc. Then you use the same words practicing writing to cement them in your memory.

Elementary Bilingual Literacy— Mobile Apps
How about your children, or the children in your family? Elementary Bilingual Literacy —Mobile Apps provides a parallel experience for children ages 5-10 learning alongside their parents or relatives. You can learn by helping your children in their program, learn from your children if they can help you, or compete with your children to see who can master the most skills. Offering the same learner control, teamwork and formative feedback as our adult programs, along with a complete Spanish language program for young immigrants transitioning into English, Elementary Bilingual Literacy –Mobile Apps fits perfectly into the Family Literacy Solution.

Family Literacy and You

Why do you want to become a better reader and writer? To get your GED? To get into college? To qualify for a job? How about, to help your family – your kids, your partner, your parents?

Reading and writing is the secret to a better life in America. Only 1/3 of Americans can read above an 8thh grade level. They’re the ones who win the best jobs, make the most money, and send their kids off to a better life.

You can join them by becoming a better reader and a better writer. How? Join forces with your kids if you have any. Race them to see who can learn more reading skills this month; this year. Join forces with adults among your friends and relations who want to read and write for success. Race them to the next grade level. Make literacy your project for this phase of your life. It’s better than any show on TV because you’ll have a better life when you’re done.


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