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ABE Solutions

Family Literacy
Motivates parents and their children to master their reading and writing skills by providing a parallel experience for children ages 5-10 learning alongside their parents or relatives. Depending on their relationship, parents can learn by helping their children, learn from their children who help them, or compete with their children to see who can master the most skills. Offering the same learner control, teamwork and formative feedback as our adult programs, along with a complete Spanish language program for young immigrants transitioning into English, Family Bilingual Literacy fits perfectly into the Family Literacy Solution.

Reading Skills for Today’s Adults – Professional Edition
Motivates learners to continue learning to completion by having them work in teams, giving them control over their learning pathways and giving them frequent formative feedback on their progress. The software provides learners with over 350 high interest life skills readings at 8 grade levels that provide useful information in the context of building reading skills. Spanish and English instructions and help support Spanish language learners. Correlated with the CCRS standards, time spent using the software is eligible for state reimbursement in most states.

Interactive GED Vocabulary
Helps learners master thousands of words through engaging learning activities (we won’t call them games, but, they are.) Learners choose the activities that work for them: definition-based, spelling-based, sound-based, etc. Teachers can continue to focus on their students’ needs while they build their vocabularies the easy way: online.

Family Literacy and ABE Programs

ABE programs are for adults; it’s in the name. But, adults don’t do things just to help themselves. They do the most difficult things for their children. They work, save, immigrate and learn to help their children. That’s why family literacy works.

How can ABE programs create family literacy?

(1) Invite adult learners who have children to include them as they learn. Work on software activities at home with their children. Practice their English pronunciation with their children. Give their writing to their children for feedback.

(2) Encourage parents to actively participate their children’s education. Show up at parents nights, meet with teachers, ask questions. This support will help their children, and also help engage parents in their own learning.

(3) Ask learners to involve other adult family members. Bring an older relative to class. Ask an aunt who has lived in the country longer to work with their nieces and nephews. Have adults in the same family form a team to use literacy software together.


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