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A Vision Of Family Literacy

If our government can’t do it, how can we solve our global illiteracy problem? Family literacy is the solution. The strongest overall motivator for most adults is to create a better life for their children and for others in their families. By leveraging that motivation, and combining it with fun, proven literacy learning activities and low-cost access, The Family Learning Company can change literacy outcomes for both adults and their children. Family Learning Company products connect adults and their children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews on a shared learning journey. Proficient children can help the adults in their families learn to read and write by using the software with them. Adults can compare their progress with their children, compete and motivate each other to keep at it, just like they do with video games, but developing much more valuable skills. And, educators can track the progress of both adults and children to better help them learn.

In our vision, parents who are more literate will help their children become more literate, and visa-versa. What will it feel like to individuals living in that more literate world? Twice as many people will approach their day with a feeling of dignity, of accomplishment and of confidence when they head off to work. Twice as many people will have deep loving connections with their children and other family members, forged over shared reading, deepened by shared writing, and strengthened by shared time together. These happier, more productive people will have more leisure time to develop their spirituality, to play or sing music together, to participate in civic governance and improvement, to exercise together and to develop their other interests. Literacy is the doorway to a more loving, productive and pleasant world. Literacy is the key to that future and the family is the key to literacy.